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Course Overview

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application consisting of a collection of cells arranged into rows and columns to organize and manipulate data. Excel features the ability to perform calculations, format & store data, use graphs & histograms, create pivot tables, and create macros. Excel is typically used to do data processing & analysis. Excel is used across all business functions and at organizations of all sizes. The main uses of Excel include: Data entry, Data management, Accounting, Financial analysis, Charting and graphing, Programming, Time management, Task management, Financial modeling, Customer relationship management (CRM), and so on.

Course content

Section 1: Foundation Unit 1.1 – Excel Introduction A description of the purpose and application of Excel – what it can do, why it’s useful. Unit 1.2 – The Excel Interface Understanding and working with the Excel interface – getting to know your way around the application, how to access functionality and how to customize it. How to create, save and open Workbooks. Under Save As, a brief explanation of backwards compatibility and other formats (e.g. PDF) save options. Skydrive, alternative online storage, and ‘local’ saving. Basic printing. Unit 1.3 – Basic Navigation & Editing Selection and navigation. Moving around a spreadsheet efficiently. Entering information into cells, types of data (text, numbers, dates). Basic formatting. Working with multiple Worksheets. Unit 1.4 – Getting going Takes a quick look at a first ‘real’ spreadsheet, in order to introduce the concept of functions and formulas, and give a feel for how Excel can be useful. Section 2: Orientation and efficiency Unit 2.1 – Editing Copying, pasting, inserting and deleting cells, ranges of cells, rows, columns and Worksheets. ‘Special’ pasting – for example to copy just formulas, or just values. Common problems with pasting. The differences between copying and ‘cutting’.

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