Public Speaking: Become a Great Speaker Within 24 Hours

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Course Overview

You can excel at public speaking today!

There is no need to spend years or decades being a so-so presenter. You can’t lose 30 pounds of excess weight in a day or a week, but you can become a great speaker in a short period of time.

TJ Walker is THE presentation training guru to Presidents of countries, Senators, NFL stars, celebrities and Nobel Peace Prize winners. He knows how to make a huge difference in a small amount of time for his clients.

Who should take this course

  • Business executives
  • Political and civic leaders
  • Students and teachers
  • Anyone with a need to present work

Course content

Part 1 – Before We Start

Here is the #1 Tip to Improving Communication Skills

Who is TJ Walker

Live Office Hours

The $10,000 Guarantee!

If you like to learn by reading

Your questions will be answered here in video

Part 2 – Accomplishing Goals in Every Presentation

How to determine your speech goals

Halfway through – any questions?

Part 3 – Creating Stories for Your Presentations

Bring your presentation alive with stories

Part 4 – PowerPoint and Other Visuals

Use PowerPoint the Right Way – Not as a Sleep Aid!

Part 5 – Gain 100% Confidence by Rehearsing the Right Way

Rehearse with Video

Part 6 – Conclusions – How to Continue Your Presentation Improvement

To pass the Course, you must do this…

Tips for Constant Improvement

Get people doing what you want by asking the right way

Part 7 – Bonus eBooks

Secrets to Foolproof Presentations – 208 pages

Public Speaking Success – 31 pages

Media Training A-Z – 198 pages

Media Training Success – 34 pages

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