's Workshops for Saudi Graduates

Saudi Arabia, 26 Feb 2006

One of the region's leading online recruitment services, GulfTalent has launched a series of training seminars for Saudi graduates.

The seminars will be conducted at leading universities across the Kingdom over the next few months and will be provided by GulfTalent to interested students on a complimentary basis, without any charge. The first session was held at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) on February 19.

The workshops, the first of their kind conducted in the Kingdom, aim to provide university students poised to enter the job market with an understanding of what companies are looking for and how to present themselves for the best entry-level positions.

The idea for the seminars was inspired by GulfTalent's extensive contacts and interviews with graduate recruiters across the Kingdom, which revealed that, while many graduates were academically strong, most were poorly prepared for approaching the job search process.

"Many students don't have a long-term vision of what they want in a career," said a recruitment manager of a leading Saudi company interviewed during a recent university careers day. "This is often because they haven't had clear role models and haven't been exposed to leaders of commerce and industry."

He further added that students need to be more judicious in selecting the job that is right for them and contributes to their long term success and development.

"Through our extensive work in Saudi Arabia, we have found that even the most talented and sophisticated graduates are unsure about how to set about finding and securing the best possible jobs in the market," said a GulfTalent spokesperson. "Our seminars are designed to help students in two important areas."

He said first to set out a long term vision of what they want to achieve in their life and which career path best enables them to do that. The second part is how to position themselves as attractive employees for their chosen employers. This includes developing their profile and skill-base in line with employer expectations, as well as presenting their accomplishments and potential to recruiters and HR managers in the most effective manner possible."

The GulfTalent workshops will be carried out in association with leading educational institutions and will be open to any students who wish to attend. The one-hour sessions will include career planning, how to write CV's and how to be interviewed for a job