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Risk and Safety Manager

Qatar Gas Transport Company (Nakilat)


Ref: MP179-11

The Role

Basic Function and Scope

Plans and coordinates a safe and healthy work environment for all Company and Contractor's personnel in all the operating assets. Develops and monitors safety procedures; auditing work practices in assigned area, in particular the "work permit" system; conducting ongoing emergency preparedness program and skills, investigating and advising the Chief Safety, Environment & Quality Officer on all matters related to incidents or accidents; and preparing appropriate recommendations to prevent their recurrence in the future.

Develops, implements and administers a comprehensive Loss Prevention Program to ensure workplace safety, and compliance with relevant codes of practice and petrochemical industry engineering standards. The LLP comprehends but is not limited to Policies & Procedures; HAZOO/WHAT IT/Safety Reviews; Contractor safety; Safety Audits & Inspection; Incident/Accident Investigation; Risk Assessments and development of Safety/Fire Fighting Equipment Standards.

Studys all Company's risk management requirements, providing first line support to Managers on risk identification, analysis, evaluation & recommends proper coverage. Coordinates and maintains risk engineering activities in respect of risk management and risk analyses studies responding to plant operational events, assisting assets to develop risk based solutions to novel or higher risk situations. Finally monitors and follows up on the compliance status of risk improvement recommendations.

Tasks and Duties

Assists Chief Safety, Environment and Quality Officer, Risk and Safety Dept and EMS Dept in the formulation and development of safety programs in the Plant and Field locations

Monitors process conditions and changes, consults with Process Engineering, Engineering Services Inspection, Operations and maintenance departments to ensure that Plan/Field integrity and safety is maintained with regard to change in pressure, flow, temperature and materials to ensure worker safety.

Inspects the plant and offshore facilities to ensure that modification and new construction comply with relevant standards and design parameters with regard to safety and fixed fire protection systems. Reviews the criteria and the technical designs from the Engineering Department to ensure they meet the current standards, i.e. NFPA, API, etc and conducts HAZOPS/safety reviews to ensure workers safety, operations safety and environmental protection.

Reviews procedures and systems of work and analyses statistics to produce trends of accidents and environment effects of workers. Assists with the development of computer aided techniques/data bases for recording and analyzing safety performance. Applies quality control techniques to safety in the work place to protect the Company's human resources.

Drives the Qatargas Assets Improvement program in the areas of Process Safety and Loss Prevention:
• Assists Assets in the application of new process safety technology and risk assessment tools
• Provides Asset wide technical leadership via involvement (participation / facilitation) in formal technical networking / work groups
• Supports major capital (e.g. expansion projects) projects in the areas of design consulting, technical quality assurance and start-up assistance
• Develops and maintains technical standards & guidelines

Supervises in the provision of safety training to Company employees involving both classroom instruction or on site demonstrations and drills. Includes approving schedules for courses, checking contents, arranging publication of schedules, and reviewing nomination procedures. Co-ordinates activities with Emergency & Security Department and Plant / Field Safety Officers as required. Assists in development general safety and specific procedures and manuals, handbooks, etc. as required.

Oversees the implementation of the "permit to work" system, covering hot maintenance work and vessel entry procedures. Includes reviewing permits issued by operations personnel, ensuring proper measures are taken prior to commencement of work, such as equipment of plant isolation, shutdowns and that necessary tests (such as gas tests) are taken. Ensures all work area are safe for required work through visits to work sites during dangerous or potentially difficult work.


Job Requirements

Must hold a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Science discipline.
Must be fluent in written and spoken English.
Must have 10 years varied experience in plant safety matters, including 5 years within an LNG/oil industry environment or a petrochemical plant.
Must have Managerial experience

About the Company

Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd. (known as Nakilat, which means carriers in Arabic) is a Qatari-listed shipping company established by the State of Qatar to own, operate and manage LNG vessels and to provide shipping and marine-related services to a range of participants within the Qatari hydrocarbon sector. Nakilat is an integral component of the supply chain of some of the largest, most advanced energy projects in the world undertaken by Qatar Petroleum, Qatargas, RasGas and their joint venture partners for the State of Qatar.

Nakilat was established in 2004 and is a joint stock company owned 50% by its founding shareholders and 50% by the public. Nakilat owns 54 LNG vessels, making it the largest LNG ship owner in the world. Our fleet of vessels transport LNG produced from Qatars North Field, the worlds largest non-associated gas field with approximately 15% of the worlds total proven reserves to global markets. These vessels, ordered from Korean shipyards, incorporate the latest technology for safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation of LNG.