Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Dates flexible (3 days)
Course Type
Professional Training Course
Yes (Details)
Course Fee
$4,500 $3,960 only

Course Overview

Your brand is your company’s most valuable asset. It is the ‘face’ and ‘feel’ of your company. Well designed and managed brands attract customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers to do business with you. Your brand is your reputation.

This three day course will help you examine your brand and how it is managed. Is it adding value to your products and services? Do all your employees reflect the brand positively? Are customers your best advocates?

Brand needs to convey the core purpose of your business through all its elements: the name, the colours and logo design, the messaging surrounding your brand, imagery and associations, product design and packaging, customer experience.

Starting with the heart of your brand, the brand essence, you will explore how company purpose and values can be brought to life through your brand. You will be introduced to different options for positioning your brand both externally and internally.

Taking inspiration from leading global and local brands, you will consider where brand sits in your organisation and what needs to be done in order to maximise brand value.

By the end of the course, you will have everything you need to design or refresh your brand and develop it so that it adds value to your business in the long term.

Who should take this course

If you are responsible for developing a new brand or refreshing an existing one, this course will help you:

• establish your brand identity and personality

• develop your brand strategy

• complete an action plan to be implemented on your return to work

Those working with established brands will

• gain the knowledge and tools needed to undertake a thorough brand evaluation

• understand how to reposition tired or underperforming brands

• develop an improvement action plan based on best practice case studies and models.


Certificate of Completion

About Course Provider

A dynamic and forward-thinking boutique consultancy, we provide executive staffing, bespoke learning solutions and consultancy services to the private and public sectors.

Greek for ‘the two of us’, our name Diomas embodies the belief that ‘two minds are better than one’. This is exactly what we represent in all of our projects; collaborative engagement to maximum effect. We apply this philosophy in everything we do; ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.

It’s more than just the two of us though. We believe that there’s nothing more powerful than the combination of your organisation and our collaborative thinking – the two of us working closely together. Collaboration with you enables us to define the best possible outcomes for your business. Which is why we’re incredibly proud of the results that our valued clients are enjoying.