JavaScript Development Part-Time

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
07 Oct - 11 Dec 2019 (10 weeks)
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Professional Training Course
Yes (Details)
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Course Overview

This 10-week part-time evening course is designed to teach all of the applications of the most popular programming language in the world - JavaScript. Using JavaScript, you'll be able to add interactivity to websites, integrate with third-party APIs, and create rich web applications that persist user data. You'll graduate with a broad application of your development skills.

This course focuses on the use of JavaScript in front-end applications. Students learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and object-orientated programming on the command line (using Node.js as a JavaScript interpreter). Next, students learn to work with objects and JSON, APIs and the DOM and JQuery. Finally, students use advanced programming topics to persist user data, deploying their apps to the web.

  • Course Fee: USD 8,000
  • Student pays $333 (+5% VAT)

Who should take this course

  • Aspiring Developers: Often an alum of FEWD and HCD, looking to move on from web design to building web applications.
  • Designers and Marketers: Add more advanced interactivity to your newsletters and designs
  • Entrepreneurs: Build an MVP (minimum viable product) using JavaScript


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