Software Engineering Immersive

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
29 Sep - 19 Dec 2019 (12 weeks)
Course Type
Professional Training Course
Yes (Details)
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Course Overview

The Software Engineering Immersive is a full-time career accelerator that's designed to transform students from novices to job-ready, full-stack software engineers. In this 12-week course, students become junior-level software engineers by developing their own ideas into functional web applications, creating a portfolio of their work, and embarking on the career path of a software engineer. As a graduate, you'll leave with a solid base of fundamental programming and computer science knowledge, as well as experience with languages, frameworks, and libraries that local employers demand.

  • Course Fee: USD 16,000
  • Student pays $534 (+5% VAT)

Who should take this course

  • Self-taught Coders: People who have begun self teaching and are looking to become professional software engineers in the tech industry
  • Recent graduates: People who are looking for direction, structure, and employable skills after graduating
  • Career switchers: Coming from a more creative or non-technical background and are often looking for technical skills they need to begin a career in software engineering


Most Innovative Education Company 2019 (Fast Company Magazine)

Course content

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Apply push and pull commands in Github
  • Describe and experiment with various relational database solutions (i.e.Postgres, MySQL, SQL)
  • Apply CSS to HTML sites to separate content from presentation/style
  • Build custom apps by integrating routing, controllers, views, and databases using Ruby on Rails
  • Describe how the integration of JavaScript and Rails works to make your application interactive
  • Write JavaScript that allows the browser to communicate with the server without reloading the current page, to do things like validate or save form input and refresh images
  • Build functionality based on tests by applying test driven development techniques (TDD/BDD) using RSpec
  • Describe what an API is and how to retrieve data from various third party APIs
  • Create more efficient and elegant solutions to problems by applying fundamental computer science concepts to applications
  • Explore and assess the advantages of alternative database solutions (i.e. NoSQL)
  • Understand the elements and delivery of a quality investor and business pitch

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