Ref: GP285-3188

Job description / Role

Employment: Full Time

Who we are
We are a leading partner for luxury across the Middle East. With more than 600 stores, 300 brands and over 65 years of experience in the region, we have become a major player in the beauty, fashion and gift sectors, by offering service excellence to our partners and delighting all our customers. We are moving fast from a traditional distributor and retailer for luxury in the Middle East, to a hybrid retailer bringing luxury experiences to the fingertips of customers everywhere.

To fuel the next stage of our growth we are looking to build a world class team. From physical retail through to supply chain and customer loyalty, we aim to use technology and data to continuously improve every aspect of our operations. We are looking for top talent to join us on this journey of exploring new horizons together.

What you'll be doing
• The Copywriter is responsible for generating the words, slogans, and audio scripts that accompany advertising visuals.
• He/ she is responsible for writing/proofreading advertising copy for use by publications or broadcast media to promote goods and services consumer
• Attention and Client Satisfaction
• Write advertisements copy for use by publication, broadcast, or internet media; for newspapers, magazines, radio, television, cinema screens, billboards, catalogs, and displays in shops.
• Write brochures, annual reports, documents, speeches and other sales, articles, bulletins, sales letters, and other related informative, marketing, and promotional material.
• Invent names for products and write the slogans that appear on packaging, brochures, and other promotional material.
• Meet the account management team to discuss client requirements, core messages, and product background.
• Consult with sales, media, and marketing representatives to obtain information on product or service and discuss the style and length of advertising copy.
• Conduct research and interviews to determine which of a product's selling features should be promoted.
• Familiarise themselves with the product, target audience, and competitor activities in the market.
• Review advertising trends, consumer surveys, and other data regarding the marketing of goods and services to determine the best way to promote products.
• Vary language and tone of messages based on product and medium.
• Develop advertising campaigns, working with the creative director and art director to generate workable concepts and ideas and determine the best way to present advertising information.
• Assist art directors with ideas for advertising and promotion, often thinking up names for products and the slogans that appear on the packaging and other promotional material.
• Brainstorm ideas and concepts for the visual and words with other members of the creative team.
• Submit ideas and discuss progress with the creative director before making presentations to clients.
• Present drafts and ideas to clients.
• Discuss with the client the product, advertising themes and methods, and any changes that should be made in advertising copy.
• Amend, revise or redevelop campaigns in response to feedback from the creative director or clients.
• Modify copy until the client is satisfied.
• Write writing various copy options, which may be presented to the client as a storyboard (a consecutive series of frames depicting the script and drawings that may be used)
• Write to customers on their terms and on their level so that the advertiser's sales message is more readily received
• Proofread copy to check spelling and grammar.
• Cast actors for TV and radio work, listening to voice tapes.
• Keep up to date with popular culture and trends.
• Liaise with production companies, photographers, typographers, designers, and printers.
• Oversee the production phase, booking and liaising with designers, illustrators, printers, photographers, and production companies.
• Discuss theme, style, and length of copy with advertisers or management, to determine the most suitable approach.
• Plan and write headlines and text in such a way as to appeal to the people most likely to buy the product, and submit copies for approval.
• Work closely with the graphic designer to architect and implement the overall look and feel of the outbound consumer communications materials and website offering.


What you’ll need to succeed
• Copywriting experience
• Bilingual is a must
• Excellent Arabic Language
• Grammar Savvy
• Minimum 2-3 years of experience
• Confident and willing to be in front of the camera
• Skincare knowledge

• Developing and managing self-awareness
• Technical competencies
• Collaborating for efficiency
• Communicating effectively

What we can offer you
With us, you will turn your aspirations into reality. We will help shape your journey through enriching experiences, learning and development opportunities and exposure to different assignments within your role or through internal mobility. Our Group offers diverse career paths for those who are extraordinary, every day.

We recognise the value that you bring, and we strive to provide a competitive benefits package which includes health care, child education contribution, remote and flexible working policies as well as exclusive employee discounts.

About the Company

The Chalhoub Group is the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East since 1955. As an expert in retail, distribution and marketing services based in Dubai, the group has become a major player in the fashion, beauty and gift sectors regionally.

By blending its Middle East expertise and intimate knowledge of luxury, Chalhoub Group is building brands in the region, by offering service excellence to all its partners and a unique experience to its customers through its passionate teams.

With a growing workforce of more than 9,000 people, implemented in 14 countries, as well as the operating of over 470 retail outlets, the group's success is attributed to its most valued asset of highly skilled and dedicated teams. Professionalism and passion are what fuel the Chalhoub Group's competitive edge in today's market.

By being committed to implementing sustainable practices into their business, the Chalhoub Group has been awarded in 2013 the CSR Label from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.