Advanced Skills of the Bid and Tender Management Process

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Day 1 - Defining Client Roles and Responsibilities. Presents the goal of evaluation and selection methods. Provides a list of policies and related legislation. Stresses the departmental guiding principles and best procurement practices. Defines the role and responsibilities of personnel involved within the evaluation and contractor methodology process

Day 2 - Identifying the Requirements to Prepare the Bid Solicitation Document. Discusses the structure and content of the SOW provided by the client. Explores the importance of the requirement definitions. Presents a detailed list of elements of a bid solicitation document. Defines players and responsibilities of the bid evaluation team. Includes an exercise where participants are required to prepare an interview with a client in order to revise his/her SOW.

Day 3 - Developing the Evaluation Method Criteria and Contractor Selection Methodology. Introduces the importance of carefully developing the bid evaluation plan. Focuses on different evaluation and selection methods. Discusses the evaluation criteria including mandatory criteria and point-rated criteria. Presents examples of bid evaluation criteria scoring grid. Explains how to assign rating values to evaluation criteria and develop a detailed scoring grid. Emphasizes the advantages and disadvantages of most common contractor selection methods. Includes a case study where participants are required to develop evaluation criteria and to identify the contractor selection methodology.

Day 4 - Evaluating the Bid Responses. Explores in depth the evaluation process. Presents examples of bid scoring grids and the Evaluation Summary Report. Introduces negotiation procedures. Discusses the options of bypassing cancelling, reissuing and extending bids. Lists the considerations prior to awarding a contract and most common complaints. Provides an introduction of Canadian International Trade Tribunal and lessons learned from past bid challenges. Includes an exercise where participants are required to review bids and recommend the awards.

Day 5 - Debriefing the Unsuccessful Bidders. Provides definitions of bid rigging. Discusses the notification of unsuccessful bidders and debriefings. Presents the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. Includes a ''role-play'' exercise where participants are required to debrief an unsuccessful bidder.

Who should take this course

This course has been designed to assist procurement specialists in the development of realistic and measurable evaluation criteria thus allowing them to evaluate and differentiate between bids while ensuring the process is complete and fair.



Course content

Every member of the project and contract delivery team including:

Project managers, Compliance managers, Business development managers, Contract administrator, Commercial officer, Sales managerContracts managers, Commercial managers.

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