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This course develops key business management, skills to enable IT professionals to deliver ever higher levels of value and performance. The course uses proven and practical business models with an emphasis on the people management and leadership skills needed to apply them in practice.

Who should take this course

All IT professionals including:

IT managers and directors IT service managers Senior project managers Senior business analysts IT team leaders including senior programmers and developers



Course content

Day 1 - Aligning to the business. The difficulties of aligning IT to business priorities. An overview of business alignment opportunities - the andalignment life-cycle. Best practice in aligning IT to the business. A practical framework for IT to business alignment. Putting together an alignment strategy. Getting organized. Identifying prioritized business needs. The role of IT's sponsors and stakeholders in aligning to IT.

Case study and Consulting study of a misaligned business. Alignment through good governance. A practical model of IT governance. Aligning strategy the essence of an aligned business strategy. Aligning projects managing project portfolios and resolving conflicts of priority. Aligning operations setting KPIs and gathering accurate feedback from business users and sponsors. Alignment through people. The importance of IT's brand. The difference between perception and reality. Bringing it all together and a business alignment game.

Day 2 - Building successful business relationship plans. The business relationship management sales cycle. Setting objectives and planning relationship campaigns. Assessing political power and leverage. Techniques for building influence. Becoming a andkingpin' for your company. Working with sponsors stakeholders and key users. Building bridges with the business rapport and credibility. Techniques for identifying the real needs of customers. Role play - An unsanctioned project. Questioning and active listening techniques. Handling objections. Resolving difficult situations with users and stakeholders. Role play, A problem with email? Gaining commitment.

Day 3 - Communicating technology. Creating a compelling technology message, IT's elevator pitch. Presenting technology to non-technical audiences. Communication styles and the skills of the actor. Handling difficult situations. Handling difficult staff. The art of communications in influencing outcomes. Structuring group presentations. Presenting at a high level to senior management.

Day 4 - Delivering operational excellence. Continual Service Improvement Model. An overview of different continual improvement frameworks including ITIL Six sigma and Lean IT. Using continual improvement frameworks to gain business advantage. Techniques of root cause analysis to resolve problems. Examples and guidelines of success. Project management excellence. Starting well correcting the flaws in business cases and project initiation. Making project reporting do the work the code of RAG reporting. Effective management of project steering committees. Guidelines for effective project portfolio management. A compendium of IT project management wisdom - lessons learnt from successful and failed projects.

Day 5 - Excellence in managing IT teams. Choosing good people. Getting the best from your team. The importance of team dynamics and its affect on team performance. Setting goals and vision to enhance performance. Some exercises in IT team leadership. Effective coaching techniques and developing staff in real time. Playing to strengths the benefits of strengths-based coaching. Round table reflections and actions.

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