Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a powerful tool used by experts to predict the behaviour of anytype of fluid (i.e. liquids, gases, particulate solids, multiphase flow etc.). Due to the rapid development ofthe computer capabilities nowadays CFD is accessible to everyone that has the necessary knowledge making this discipline very attractive and valuable.

Who should take this course

The contents of this course are suitable for most engineers and other professional involved with design inparticular:

CFD modellers, design engineers, aerospace engineers, chemical engineers, thermal engineers hydraulic engineers, fire engineers , environmental engineers, specialists and other roles related to the design of systems that involves the transport of fluids and energy (e.g. aircrafts turbines, cooling systems, chemicalequipment engines piping pollutants release models etc.).



Course content

Flow regimes. Steady state vs transient flow. Compressible vs incompressible flow. Ideal and real gases. Fluid viscosity. Heat transfer. Continuity equations. Navier-Stokes equations. Euler equations. Full potential equations. Linearized potential equations. Finite element method. Finite volume method. Finite difference method. Geometry definition. Importing a geometry from CAD software. Surface and volume meshing. Structured and unstructured mesh. Physical models. Chemical reactions. Immersed solids Turbulence models. Heat transfer models. Boundary conditions specification. Simulation running and debugging. Results visualization and interpretation. Case studies and exercises.

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