Heat Exchangers (Design Operation Maintenance and Inspection)

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Provides the participants with thorough understanding of the design of heat exchangers. Also to develop their capabilities in operating and maintaining heat exchangers units in their plants.

Who should take this course

Plant engineers, qualified technicians, supervisors and foremen whose work is related to the use of heat exchanges in different types of industrial plants.



Course content

Basic Concepts Need for heating and cooling in industry:

  • Temperature and heat energy.
  • Ways of heat transfer and heat balance.
  • Factors affecting heat transfer.
  • Types of heat transfer equipment.

Heat Exchangers Design & Configuration:

  • Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger.
  • Floating head heat exchanger.
  • U. Tube heats exchanger.

Main Components of Heat Exchangers:

  • Tube bundle: pattern (square triangular diagonal).
  • Tube sheets-Baffles and baffle spacers- Exchanger shell.
  • Channel head - Shell cover - Fluid paths.

Material Construction for:

  • Shell - Flanges - Channel and channel cover - Tube sheets - Baffles.
  • Tubes - Tie rods - Spacers - Nozzles.

Air Fin Coolers and Condensers:

  • Configuration.
  • Types of tube headers fins fin tube materials and Size range.

Operation and Maintenance:

  • Putting on line - Isolation - Shut down - Specific uses.
  • Types of deposits on surfaces - Cleaning of heat exchanger.
  • Inspection of heat exchangers. Case Studies.

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