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For many people the phrase retail math conjures up horrific memories from their school days. Even so they realise that retail math is a very important part of operating a retail business. In every business there is never ending number crunching going on. The analysts have to look at thenumbers from every angle to ensure on-going profitability. A retail store or group of stores is no different. There are many numbers that need to be analysed regularly to help in managing the day to day business to aid in decision making on just about everything.

Who should take this course

Store/branch managers. Area sales managers. Finance Analysts. Sales directors. Head office sales/finance staff.



Course content

Module 1 - Terms formulas and measures. Glossary of maths terms used in Retail. Key Performance Indicators Commonly. Used Formulas Profitability Measurements Balanced scorecard.

Module 2 - Setting Budgets % Mixes. Variances Margin Typical Profit/Loss Statement (Operating Statement). Open to Buy (Definitions Formulas).

Module 3 - Range Planning Supplier. Costing Size Ratios Grading & Density.

Module 4 - Reviewing Performance. Sell through Rate of Sale. Best Sellers Weeks Cover.

Module 5 - Trading WSSI (weekly sales stock & intake) Markdown Allocations & Replenishment.

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