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Material requirements planning (MRP) is a system used to avoid situations where parts are missing. It establishes a schedule (priority plan) showing the components required at each level of the assembly and based on lead times calculates the time when these components will be needed.This course will address the principles of production planning and inventory control using the best practices in modern manufacturing theories and practices. Participants will gain greater appreciation to the benefits of positioning their operations and optimise the value from the supply chain. Participants will gain appreciation and develop their own creative solutions in areas such as implementation of company-wide measurement and control systems addressing inventory reduction challenge without compromising customer satisfaction.

Who should take this course

Plant Managers. Senior Production. Maintenance and Operations Managers. Line Production Supervisors and Production Engineers inventory planners, master planners master schedulers, production and maintenance first line supervisors. In addition accounting and financial personnel, Purchasing Agents and those involved with implementing Just-In-Time and Manufacturing Resource Planning initiatives will benefit greatly.



Course content

Day One:

  • Introduction to production planning and control
  • Purpose of production planning order sequencing production scheduling and production control
  • Manufacturing operation process - production philosophy
  • Advantages of production control
  • Sources of production control
  • Characteristics of modern manufacturing management - MRP II process
  • Frame work of production planning and control
  • Problems faced by production managers in diverse manufacturing units
  • Resolving the issues Strategies for production planning and control

Day Two:

  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Forecasting and demand management
  • Master production scheduling (MPS) activity
  • Symptoms of MPS Aggregate planning Work exercises
  • Capacity Requirement Planning
  • Capacity management and planning
  • Types of capacity planning
  • Factors affecting facility and capacity planning

Day Three:

  • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP II)
  • MRPII overview
  • Independent and dependent demands
  • Materials planning process
  • Inventory Control (IC)
  • Inventory planning involving management and control
  • Finished goods inventories control
  • Calculations on lot order sizing

Day Four:

  • Production Scheduling and Technique
  • Scheduling objectives
  • Job scheduling
  • Forward/Back scheduling
  • Input/output control
  • Dispatching rules
  • Critical ratio rule
  • Theory of constraint (TOC) principles
  • What is TOC?
  • Bottleneck and non-bottleneck resources
  • Generic TOC principles
  • Drum-buffer-rope (DBR) scheduling

Day Five:

  • Just-In-Time Manufacturing
  • Principles of JIT
  • Identify the causes of JIT wastes
  • JIT manufacturing key activities and its features
  • JIT implementation and its draw back.
  • Continuous improvement
  • The primary causes of inventories
  • Schedule released and planned areas

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