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The course will explain the critical role cash plays in determining eventual success or failure of a business model. You will define the contact points of business and the cash cycle. The course will integrate the business process flow with cash flow and accentuate the critical success factors which will help your organization do more with a limited cash resource. You will recognize the calibrating issues in a cash flow which will reduce dependence on banks. The course will also take you through the complexities of cash management with reference to risks of being exposed to foreign currency and will explain the working of cash flow hedges.

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Course content

Role of the cash flow manager:

  • Cash and profit - striking a balance between cash payments and profits
  • Cash flow cycle - Receipt Cycle and Disbursement Cycle
  • Float management
  • Linking balance sheet profit and loss and cash
  • Cash flow statements
  • Fund flow statements
  • Preparing cash flow statements
  • Cash from operating investing and financing activities
  • Cash flow forecasts and cash budgets
  • Master budgets and cash flow
  • Optimal cash holding
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Cash-focused performance analysis
  • Financing cash flow
  • Short-term financing alternatives
  • Foreign exchange markets

About Course Provider

The Accountants & Auditors Association (AAA) is the national accountancy body of the United Arab Emirates. We are a not-for-profit organization and have Undertaken Key strategic initiatives to develop the accountancy and finance profession in the country. The Association was established in 1997 through a federal mandate with the key objective of building capacity of the national accountancy and finance profession in line with best global practices and standard. We actively work with related authorities to propose the accounting and auditing standards in the country , suggest new regulatory standards for the profession. We deploy the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct to our members.

AAA's mission is to serve our members, the profession and society. We support the Ministry of Economy ‘s vision of achieving 100 professionally qualified UAE nationals in the field of accounting practice by the year 2021. Our core values are: credibility and transparency, professionalism, continuing professional development, effective relationship and partnership management, and community & public service.

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