Customer Happiness and Loyalty Masterclass

UAE, Dubai
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

For any type of business or government entity to succeed it needs to satisfy its customers' needs and wants which, as the result, makes them happy and loyal to you. And this converts into clients coming to you over and over again and bringing new consumers with them. Such loyal and happy customers are the core of every success story in the UAE and globally.

The importance of satisfaction, loyalty and happiness is difficult to overestimate. For this reason the UAE has become the first country in the world which introduced the ministry of happiness. On this masterclass trainees study the real value of loyalty and happiness for their organizations, understand how to identify and provide superior service, satisfy client's expectations and build and maintain loyalty and happiness. The Masterclass covers the relevant best worldwide practices to produce and execute the first-rate strategy that brings your organization to the new heights.

Key aspects and personal skills are provided on the course sessions. After the masterclass you will be able to:

  • Recognize all types and key factors of clients loyalty
  • Maximize results of consumers loyalty schemes and programs
  • Know the value of Happiness for Customer Experience (CX)
  • Be competent to measure Happiness and Loyalty indicators
  • Apply latest practices to archive top level of satisfaction and loyalty

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Customers Loyalty and Happiness and Best Practices of Client-Centric Mind Set
  • Loyalty and Satisfaction of Clients as the Win-Win for business and customers
  • Defining and understanding Main Types and Components of clients Loyalty
  • Consumer Loyalty Schemes and Programs and maximizing its Results
  • Key Loyalty & Satisfaction – how to measure Expectations and Loyalty Indexes
  • The Relationship Between Loyalty & Satisfaction and its importance for any company
  • Customer Happiness Initiative Worldwide and in the UAE
  • How to achieve highest level of Happiness of your Buyers
  • UAE Government Initiative in the Customer Happiness Program
  • UAE Consumers Happiness Ministry key objectives and role
  • How to Measure and Monitor Happiness? Best tools you must Know
  • Analysing the Client Loyalty and Satisfaction at the place of your work
  • Implanting the Loyalty & Happiness Program into the existing Strategy and Praxis
  • Practice on how to implement the masterclass knowledge at your workplace
  • Best examples of International Companies and Government Initiatives

This certified Atton Institute Masterclass provides its participants the Excellency and qualifications on Consumers Loyally and Happiness. Upon its completion participants:

  • Know the reasons to implement the happiness and loyalty values
  • Build customer-centric mind-set that influences the organization's structure
  • Design Clients Loyalty and satisfaction strategy that will boost the entity growth
  • Improve the level of customer satisfaction rate, retention and loyalty
  • Plan and efficiently manage stunning loyalty schemes and programs
  • Study the power of right metrics for measuring the true value of loyalty
  • Find the reasons for your organization to implement happiness programs
  • Possess know-how on the standards for achievement of top level of happiness
  • Discover opportunities of implementing the buyer-oriented principles
  • Obtain Personal Expert Vison and Enhance proficiency and skillset
  • Master best tools for monitoring and measuring satisfaction & happiness

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