Digital Marketing Expertise Masterclass

UAE, Dubai
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Course Type
Professional Training Course
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Course Fee
$3,300 $2,790 only

Course Overview

The digital world, particularly the digital marketing, offers businesses best channels to market and sell its products and services, deliver customer support and build relationships with new and existing customers. To achieve it you need the expertise and comprehensive approach to digital marketing and essential skills to use its main tools and components.

Digital Marketing is the fast-evolving area thus to succeed in the overall Marketing strategy everyone must be equipped with the latest information on the best applicable Digital Marketing practices. This information is delivered to you within our practical and intensive Masterclass which provides the knowledge on how to upsurge your marketing results with the help of Digital Marketing. On this short course you will study how to use effective digital marketing solutions such as various web platforms, social media, and other digital marketing channels to effectively reach your target audience for business promotion, marketing and brand positioning.

The short and intensive masterclass provides you the expertise and knowledge on such matters as:

  • Understanding of the entire landscape of digital advertising
  • Defining and attracting your digital environment target audience
  • Utilizing the advanced tools to reach your audience for efficient marketing
  • Making assessment of business reputation, products and services
  • Creating advanced digital marketing strategy and action plan

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Overview of current Digital Marketing trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Key elements of Professional Digital Marketing scene - categories & channels
  • Role of the Digital Marketing for professional & career development
  • Digital Marketing fundamentals and its vital role in Customer Service
  • Search Engine and Paid Marketing from the standpoint of client's View
  • Social Media Marketing as the nowadays means of Interaction with Clients
  • Video is better than Thousand Words – role and effective use of Videos
  • Email Marketing – overview, Rules to follow, useful Professional Tips
  • Marketing in the Mobile World – scenery and its usage to reach your Customers
  • Online Display Advertising expertise – how to master your Winning Strategy
  • Business Reputation Management – taking care of your Online Brand Image
  • Digital World and the Law – building Online Presence in line with Regulations
  • Where Digital Marketing and Smart Technologies meet – latest trends
  • Revealing how to Know and Impact consumer's views via Digital Marketing
  • Looking into the Future of development of Digital Marketing Ecosystem
  • Course Summary and central data, implementation practice and Case Studies

Upon completion of this Masterclass participants obtain the knowledge and skills on how to:

  • Possess expertise on effective digital marketing plan and strategy
  • Study the key digital marketing tools and its most powerful features
  • Use the gained unique mastery on digital tools for professional growth
  • Master the two-ways communication skills with clients via social media
  • Improve websites and other online presence to achieve best outcome
  • Build long lasting clients relationships and user-centric consumer experience
  • Manage the usage of mobile solutions for controlling the digital scenery
  • Study the right online media channels to achieve highest outcome and results
  • Recognize the power of analytics to improve campaigns performance
  • Boost over short time your professional growth and secure demanded skills
  • Understand the present and future of the digital marketing ecosystem

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Atton Institute in Dubai, the UAE is the ultimate combination of both of these elements: Knowledge and Expertise Supremacy, achieved through dedicated Professional Courses.

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