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Language Course
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Course Overview

This language has influenced the world at large with its culture, art, literature, theatre, movies, and fashion. Today, attracting many learners from all over the world, the French language has become the official language of 41 countries and this, foreign language has opened a wide variety of opportunities in the global market. On the other hand, we believed that 50% of English vocabulary is derived from French. Learning French open the doors of many opportunities in UAE as well as abroad, knowledge of French will open you the doors to be the part of Travel & Tour Industry, hospitality, international business units, research and diplomats. Learning French language gives the students a platform to expand its business and potentials across the national boundaries and to the international fronts. Our professionals have developed custom reading, writing and speaking module for the students who are willing to learn French language virtual/ physical.

Who should take this course

School leavers, Language learners


french learners



Course content

To be able to understand Simple & Brief Advertisements. To be able to understand some isolated words & expressions. To be able to understand Simple & Brief Instructions. To be able to understand questions on Daily Life.   To be able to understand Polite & Formal Expressions . o be able to understand Short Texts on Daily Life. To be able to understand a Written Message (A Post Card, An Invitation) To be able to understand directions given in French. To be able to analyse simple written information to make a choice. To be able to understand simple written instructions. To be able to understand less simple written instructions.  To be able to write a simple, short Post card describing a holiday being spent at some place. To be able to fill up a Simple Questionnaire with one's personal details such as, one's first name, last name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, Address, etc. To be able to exchange some personal information. To be able to introduce oneself in French. To be able to introduce someone and ask basic information. To be able to provide simple and brief information about something.

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