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Since 1897s, the world has increasingly become aware of the environmental problems such as global warming due to green house gases (GHG) emission, industrial pollution and over exploitation of natural resources. These are considered largely responsible for the climate change and depletion of non-renewable natural resources resulting in decreasing the quality of life and sustainability. To meet their international obligations, countries around the world are issuing laws which bound industries to improve their environmental performance and reduce their carbon footprint.

Who should take this course

EMS Management Representatives, EHS & Q Managers, QA/QC Engineers, Quality Assurance Personnel, Environmental Professionals, Management System Practitioners, Management System Auditors and or anyone interested in getting familiar with requirements of the new standard. Everyone in an organization specially the management cadre.



Course content

This informative workshop will provide understanding of environmental management systems for better environmental performance, how environmental policies and best practices can enhance or provide boost to the businesses in fulfilling their social responsibilities and demonstrating better compliance with environmental regulations. The course contents will help in:

  • Learning about major environmental issues and challenges
  • Becoming familiar with the Environmental Management System (EMS) standards and their application
  • Learning how environmental management can benefit the organization image and profitability.
  • Knowing about the regulatory requirements of the environmental systems.
  • Understanding about Aspect & Impact with analysis
  • Environmental Risk Assessment & Evaluation

About Course Provider

SMART Management Training and Consultancy is a UK-based work training provider. We specialize in providing you with high-quality training and development opportunities aimed at individuals and corporates across the Gulf and Africa (UAE, GCC and Africa).