MBA - International Management

UAE, Abu Dhabi
Dates flexible
Course Type
Postgraduate Course
Yes (Details)
Course Fee
$8,984 $8,032 only

Course Overview

This degree Programme in Strategy is for experienced professionals who want to develop the analytical, cross-functional skillet that will support strong managerial decision-making in strategic roles.

The courses focuses on the international business environment and addresses relevant emerging themes such as corporate governance and ethics. Students represent a range of industrial sectors at executive and senior levels, providing opportunities for peer-learning and network development. The program will provide you with a strong foundation in fundamental management concepts through current core topics, and offer you the opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skills in particular business disciplines through various elective options.

Who should take this course

The courses is designed for the following professionals:

  • Mid to senior level managers
  • Head of Departments
  • Senior technical leaders


Bachelors from a Recognised Institute


Dual Accredited: USA & Italy

About Course Provider

Marconi University is a world-class university engaged in significant international research and innovation. The University looks beyond the traditional academic learning setting, promoting the use of innovative learning methodologies by merging advanced technological solutions with traditional activities like lectures, workshops and seminars.

Marconi research spans from Economics and Arts to Applied Science and Technologies, in accordance with societal changes and progress. Our approach is based on the development of interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and competences, with a particular emphasis on the global perspective. A commitment to excellence and quality inspires our programs, which aim to prepare students to face global changes and to successfully apply their academic knowledge to real-life situations.

The University strives to bring its values and mission to meet the needs of international and domestic students, offering them various study opportunities at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, flexible scheduling, continuous enrollment, online classes, virtual labs and simulations.

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