Measuring, Monitoring and Improving Customer Experience

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

People demand product and service quality whereby the businesses and customers can see it very different. Due to countless types of products, price categories, national expectations and other elements it may be challenging to monitor and measure if and how customer requirements are met. However, it does not free any entity from meeting client's expectations, just the opposite

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • ABCs of Customer Experience and how it leads to triumph of a company
  • Understanding your buyers and how to Meet and Exceed their Expectations
  • Top reasons why Clients expectations must be Measured and Analysed
  • How to Measure and Monitor the gap between Client Needs and Expectations
  • Exercise of using Affinity Diagram for gaining insights into the scope of Service Quality
  • Improving standing and Key Principles of Client Experience (CX) and service continuity
  • Consumers Expectations changes - why and what shall be done to Adjust Timely
  • Best practical Methods to monitor and be fully aware of Changing Expectations
  • Guide on delivering great Customer Experience via Client Centric Culture
  • Developing and implementing Consumer Centricity as the main Differentiation Point
  • Analysing and eliminating the Difference between Client Expectations and Experience
  • Benchmarking and using right CX Metrics for your company
  • Practical business case of Measuring and Monitoring Customer Experience
  • Consumer Experience and direct link to ROI and stable and loyal Client Base
  • Activities to perform to improve Client Experience Management (CEM) metrics
  • Conclusions and putting into action key points of the course

On the course which is particularly dedicated to CX monitoring you study and obtain professional skills on how to:

  • Develop customer-centric culture based on clients' expectations
  • Explore your present CX standing through benchmarking with other organisations
  • Utilize the skills which are exceedingly valuable for career and professional growth
  • Outline strategy for bringing together customer expectations and customer experience
  • Apply market research methods to measure effectiveness of customer experience
  • Develop corporate culture of prioritizing and safeguarding customer loyalty and retention
  • Use customer service to monitor expectations on product or service delivered
  • Measure and monitor team competence to deliver superior customer service and
  • Enhance with the skills obtained in this course the overall CX level in your company
  • Design and apply customer feedback systems, including survey questionnaires
  • Engage skills for execution of action plan to improve ROI and customers loyalty

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