PostGraduate Diploma in Finance & Risk Management (PGD - FRM)

UAE, Dubai - Sharjah, Abu Dhabi
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Professional Training Course
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This PG qualification helps professionals in Accounting, Finance Managers, Bankers & Investment Professionals and Management Students to acquire effective Finance and Risk Management knowledgewhich is essential to the leading organizations.

This qualification can serve as a supplement to other finance related academic or professional qualifications and would suit the learning requirements of those aspiring to gain an in depth understanding of the finance domain. Successful learners gain an edge over the peer group in the industry and this course would be highly demanding especially in UAE, Dubai being considered as the leading financial hub in this region.

Who should take this course

Students interested to learn.



Course content

  • Planning process; budgeting concepts; annual profit plans and supporting schedules; types of budgets, including activity-based budgeting, project budgeting, flexible budgeting; top-level planning and analysis; and forecasting, including quantitative methods such regression analysis and learning curves
  • Factors to be analyzed formeasuring and controlling performance evaluation including revenues, costs, profits, and investment in assets; variance analysis based on flexible budgets and standard costs; responsibility accounting for revenue, cost, contribution and profit centers; and balanced scorecard. Risk assessment; internal control environment, procedures, and standards; responsibility and authority for internal auditing;types of audits; and assessing the adequacy of the accounting information system controls
  • Processes for managing operational risk, hazard risk, financial risk, and strategic risk; and ERM.
  • Principal financial statements and their purposes; limitations of financial statement information; interpretation and analysis of financial statements including ratio analysis and comparative analysis; market value vs. book value; fair value accounting; international issues; major differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP; off-balance sheet financing; Cash Flow Statement preparation, analysis, and reconciliation; and earnings quality.
  • Relevant data concepts; cost-volume-profit analysis; marginal analysis; make vs. buy decisions; pricing; income tax implications for operational decision analysis.
  • How to use the concept of

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Westford School of Management offers a range of UK bachelor degrees and graduate programs in UAE through our partnerships with British universities. These courses include MBAs, PGPM, and BA/BBAs that focuses on business and liberal arts subjects. We only work with the best education providers in the UK to ensure our students are offered only the best courses and leave our campus with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the world of business and finance.

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