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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Product marketing is the mixture of product, marketing and sales and assists businesses in delivering a well-thought product for the target audience and it successfully positioning on the market. Product Marketing is essential for every entity as it forms competitive advantage and matches products with demands from potential consumers.

The course participants study on examples of Banking and Tourism sectors how to position products or services and increase market awareness and products demand and value. The course explores objectives and structuring of Product Marketing, its types and how to analyse the achieved results. Upon completion of this Atton Institute course attendees are armed with the relevant background that results great outcome in product marketing and placement. Special emphasise is made on forming compelling value propositions for target markets to achieve strategic objectives.

Comparison of Banking and Tourism within this course gives practical vision in the existing realities. It delivers Professional knowledge on such elements as:

  • Core elements and types of successful Product Marketing and its role
  • The modifications in Product Marketing depending on type business
  • Excellent approach for compelling professional value propositions
  • Best tools and techniques for exceptional market research & analysis
  • Current and upcoming trends and how to be ready for adjustments

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to learn this course.



Course content

  • Defining the Product Marketing, its main types, categories and benefits
  • Product Marketing as the effective investment for revenues increase
  • Product Marketing implication on examples of Banking and Hospitality Sectors
  • Differences in Product Marketing positioning which are essential to consider
  • Product Differentiation for B2B & B2C – common and different points
  • Product Marketing objectives with Consumer Centricity principles
  • Customer development – defining the target Markets and potential customers
  • Positioning & messaging – how to deliver your company's message with passion
  • Defining the PM objectives on example of Corporate Banking and Tourism
  • Central phases of Product Marketing Structuring to secure the sales growth
  • Making tests, measuring metrics and making adjustment to secure the growth
  • How to implement excellent PM into Banking and Tourism businesses
  • Making superb Market Research and Analysis of potential consumers needs
  • Developing and implementing strategies under consideration of product life-cycle
  • Trends of Product Marketing and its influence on Banking and Hospitality areas
  • Putting together the course outcome and group Q&A and discussion

The course delivers highly intensive professional content and proficient qualifications for being able to:

  • Advance your professional knowledge on product marketing types
  • Know the essentials of PM on the sample of Banking and Tourism
  • Study strategic marketing objective within product lifecycle
  • Develop a product launch strategy and communication plan
  • Drive customer acquisition using great number of techniques and tools
  • Evaluate the market, competition & trends of modern product marketing
  • Implement efficient process for successful product development
  • Make accurate forecasts and use them to outperform competitors
  • Focus your personal efforts on the most efficient PM elements
  • Position products or services to meet market goals and strategies
  • Exercise pragmatic strategy for clients engagement programs

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