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Like it or not the budget is the yardstick that top management uses to measure your actual performance. And in today's tight economy the manager who knows budget planning and how to apply it effectively wins hands down over the one who doesn't. So if you're a new manager who's and just a little nervous about budget planning or an experienced one who wants to get a lot more out of the yearly chore or if you just want to and hold your own with financia lmanagers this seminar is for you.

Who should take this course

Every manager with budget responsibilities who is interested in developing or improving their budget planning skills.



Course content

Understanding the Planning and Budgeting Cycle. Define Planning and Its Relationship to the Budgeting Process. Explain Why Companies Budget. Describe the Planning Cycle in a Typical Organization. Tying Strategic Planning to the Budgeting Process. Explain the Strategic Planning Process. Explain How Strategic Analysis Is Related to the Planning and Budgeting Process. Perform a Strategic Analysis of the Internal and External Environment. Understanding the Budget Preparation Process. Describe the Typical Flow of the Budgeting Cycle in an organization. Identify the Major Contents of the Annual Business Plan. Explain the Different Types of Budgets. Their Purpose and Limitations. Explain the Relationship between Budgets and Forecasts. Identify Ways to Improve the Budgeting Process in Your Organization. How to Prepare an Operating Budget. Explain the Sequence of Steps in Preparing an Operating Budget. Prepare a Sales and Cost-of-Sales Budget. Calculate Labor Hours Available and Use This Figure to Plan Headcount Calculate Budgeted Overhead Rates. Budget Labor Materials and Overhead Costs in Total and Per Unit. Measuring Performance against the Budget. Identify Significant Variances Analyze Budget Variances. Describe the Characteristics of a Good Budget Reporting System. Determine When a Budget Should Be Revised during the Year.

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