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Course Overview

This UAE Cultural Awareness programme for companies in the private and public sector across the UAE, tailored to meet the needs of specific institutions. Let us improve your team dynamics and business tactics through education and a unique insight into the various cultural attitudes that make up the people of the UAE.

In a country made up of over 200 nationalities, cultural understanding and awareness is crucial for both private and governmental organisations operating in the UAE. Our bespoke corporate programmes and activities can support your company by promoting open communication, enhancing staff performance and increasing general corporate productivity. We are trusted to provide greater understanding of the UAE culture and encourage employee integration as well as developing communication channels between employee and client/customer.

About Course Provider

SMART Management Training and Consultancy is a UK-based work training provider. We specialize in providing you with high-quality training and development opportunities aimed at individuals and corporates across the Gulf and Africa (UAE, GCC and Africa).

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